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artrosis 1997


Artrosis was founded in 1995 in Poland. Initially, the music, although with typical gothic rock keyboards and electronic drums, was based largely on the heavy guitar sound. The band debuted on scene in 1996, at the third edition of Castle Party dark independent festival.

Its debut album Hidden Dimension became a model for many subsequent gothic metal bands, which, thanks to the late Artrosis 90ies reached the peak of popularity. With such songs as "Nazgul" or "Emerald Night" Artrosis immediately went to the first league Polish metal bands breaking records of popularity. The album received many favorable reviews, and has launched a fashion for gothic metal in Poland. In 1998, the English version of the Hidden Dimension appeared outside Poland through label Hall of Sermon, which is owned by Tilo Wolff Lacrimosa.

In 1999, the band debuted at the next big festival - Metalmania - while leaving some of the roots of metal. Among the flowers and shadows LP is composition of beautiful ballads and sharper and faster songs with great commercial potential. The album promoted alongside Anathema tour was very well received and soon after released the DVD Live in Krakow.


The year 2001 was very lucrative for the band. There have been six releases within six months appeared. First was the album recorded during a concert at at Polish Radio. After that there have been released reeditions of first albums and their english versions. All songs were recorded again. There was also a bonus compositions added - some songs were played starring drummer Inferno (Behemoth).

The fourth album titled Fetish musically dismissed from the current wording. There are numerous loops, distortions, noise and the sound characteristic of the industrial. The album is steeped in electronics, but the guitars have not lost their importance. Artrosis also recorded the first of his career cover - "The Wall" from the repertoire of Pornography. Change of direction and move away from gothic metal was a good move. Fetish was very well received by critics and was recognized by the industry for the Polish awards nomination.
Artrosis 2006
The fifth full length album titled Melange is a musical continuation of the previous one and the same time last recorded by the seemingly indestructible duo Medeah / Niedzielski. In 2004 Maciej leaves Artrosis
However, Artrosis has not given up playing and 9 October 2006. realeased album Con Trust with a new artists  and for the first time with live percussion. It has brought ten songs and was promoted by "This is for me" and "In a half-dream" to which music videos they were filmed. It was played more rock and moved away from music climatic again more towards gothic metal. Despite numerous concerts the band for a long time could not record their next album and the end of 2010 the musicians parted.


Artrosis 2011 be continued

This caused the reunion of creators of Artrosis success. After the breakup, which took place seven years ago, no one believed that the duo Medeah / Niedzielski record together again under the banner of the disc Artrosis. Although both proved that they can exist separately, there is no doubt that it only together they can create something really unique. The longest break in the history of the band was interrupted only by changing the musicians by Medeah and return of Niedzielski. On Imago album Artrosis returned on the path of dark electronics supported by climatic guitar. Imago was the album that perfectly matches the specific wording of albums Fetish and Melange. Strong entry in electronics, back to the drum machine were its most characteristic features. However, there are also typically lighter songs on the album, because like on Con Trust, many of the songs is by Medeah, which created a more melodic and catchy part of Imago.